Volume 2, Issue 3, August 2017, Page: 92-96
A Method to Reveal 137Cs Gamma Spectrum by a Multi-Pixel Photon Counter
Elif Ebru Ermis, Faculty of Science, Physics Department, Ege University, Bornova, Izmir, Turkey
Cuneyt Celiktas, Faculty of Science, Physics Department, Ege University, Bornova, Izmir, Turkey
Received: Aug. 14, 2017;       Accepted: Aug. 29, 2017;       Published: Sep. 13, 2017
DOI: 10.11648/j.wjap.20170203.16      View  1503      Downloads  59
An MPPC (multi-pixel photon counter) module which is composed of silicon photomultipliers (Si-PM) can be used for the photon detection and measurement. However, gamma energy spectrum could not be obtained when the module was only used. Therefore, the study was focused on finding out gamma energy spectrum of 137Cs and developed a spectrometer which consisted of a MPPC module. The photopeak of 662 keV of the isotope could be revealed using the introduced method here. The used method was successful to enhance the energy resolution as well.
Multi-Pixel Photon Counter, Silicon Photomultiplier, Gamma Spectrum
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Elif Ebru Ermis, Cuneyt Celiktas, A Method to Reveal 137Cs Gamma Spectrum by a Multi-Pixel Photon Counter, World Journal of Applied Physics. Vol. 2, No. 3, 2017, pp. 92-96. doi: 10.11648/j.wjap.20170203.16
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